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Traveling With Electronics?

Walkabout Converter

Tired of worrying if you have the correct adapter? Tired of worrying if your electronics are dual voltage? We have the solution. The Walkabout Solution® automatically adjusts incoming voltage, whether if you are in a 110-120V country (Like North America) or 220-240V country. (Everywhere else.) Output voltage is always correct for North American products. Even better, the built-in USB port also charges cell phones and iPads, so two items can be charged at once. The built-in adapters work worldwide -- the enclosed Euro adapter even allows for recessed European connections. Indicator lights indicate power status for AC and USB power ports. Protected by a thermal detection circuit, which will shut the unit off if it gets too hot. Just let the unit cool and plug back in. Fuse protected. Tiny and lightweight: Product dimensions: 1.9 x 1.6 x 1.8 inches; 3.8 ounces. USB charging current is 1000mA continuous.

Laptop, smart phone, iPad, Kindle -- it's all you need. No dual voltage worries. No adapter worries.

  • Accepts two or three pronged North American plugs.
  • Rated for electronics up to 250 watts.
  • Thermal protection against overheating. Fuse protected.
  • Built in USB charging port. Two items can be plugged in at once, one USB item and one AC item.
  • Fully automated -- automatically detects incoming voltage and adjusts accordingly.
  • The most common plug styles are built in -- no need for extra adapters except where the South Africa style is used.
  • Power status indicators. Small and lightweight. CE approved.
  • Not for hair dryers or other items with heating elements.
"Multi-outlet configuration in a compact package. Perfect for keeping batteries charged when traveling to different countries." -- Bernard M., Bothell WA
"Worked like a charm in both England and France." -- Sue E., Sacramento, CA
"Awesome product. Loaned our other one to a friend and they loved it so much we told to keep it... Thanks for providing the perfect travel charger!" -- Laura C., Peoria, IL

#301A The Walkabout Solution® $29.95
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